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Available from Willowtrail Farm

Fell Pony Observations The Partnered Pony Lookin at Lava
2014 Book
Fell Ponies:  Observations on the Breed, the Breed Standard, and Breeding is 240 pages of must-read for stewards of the Fell Pony.  Full color with photos, graphs, and diagrams compiling more than a decade of research about the breed.  Available at and after Dec. 1 at
New Book!
Celebrating the versatility of ponies in work and the joy of ponies as partners, The Partnered Pony:  What's Possible, Practical, and Powerful with Small Equines is available internationally by clicking here.
Something Completely Different!
A new book from Willowtrail Farm, Lookin' at Lava's subtitle is Poems Inspired by rafting the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.  70 pages with stunning photography.  Available internationally by clicking here.  

Willowtrail Farm is located at 9,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies and is home to Fell Ponies, rare breed ducks, Norwegian Fjord Horses and working ponies.  

Fell Ponies

Jan and Fell Ponies Midnight, Val, and Willow
I began breeding Fell Ponies in 2000 when I went looking for a large, versatile pony for riding, driving, packing, and draft work, similar to my Norwegian Fjord Horse gelding.  Since I was involved with rare breeds of livestock, the Fell Pony came to my attention.  My goal is to raise and train them in an environment as close to their native fells as possible.  I continue to work them, as well as study the breed, the breed standard, and breeding.  My ponies give me ample opportunity to also study  natural horsemanship and write about the Fell Pony breed.

 For more information about my Fell Ponies, please see my website at

Turkey Trot Rare Breeds - Putting Rare Breeds to Use

Silver Appleyard Ducks
Turkey Trot Rare Breeds is dedicated to stewarding rare breeds and putting them to use. It is my belief that by demonstrating the utility of these livestock breeds, we can ensure their survival into the future.

In addition to Fell Ponies, I also breed Silver Appleyard and Khaki Campbell Ducks.  In the past I have raised Oberhasli Goats, Ancona Ducks, Bourbon Red and Blue Slate Turkeys, and Tamworth Hogs.

Norwegian Fjord Horses

OH Torrin
Norwegian Fjord Horses joined my herd of working ponies in 2000.  My 1998 gelding OH Torrin has met every expectation I had about the breed:  trainability, hardiness, good feet, and working temperament.  This photo shows him skidding logs in a defensible space project shortly after we moved to Gould in 2002.  There are more stories about Torrin's unusal jobs on the Working Ponies page.

Working Ponies

Mya and the Brush Cart

I have been working ponies in harness for more than a decade.  I love the versatility of this size of draft power, from jumping on for a bareback ride to only having to lift pack paniers or harness to a height I can manage. 


 Contact Us

Jenifer Morrissey
Gould, Colorado
Phone: (970) 723 4316
Email:  w o r k p o n i e s @ f r i i . c o m  (you will need to remove the spaces.)